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Opening Reception for Alex Griswold and Christiane Corcelle (In Person)

Opening reception by Alex Griswold and Christiane Corcelle. Refreshments will be served.


Alex Griswold has entitled his exhibit "Cheesecake Brook and Other Waters of Newton." In describing the exhibit, Alex provides the following in his own words: "Black and white photographs trace Cheesecake Brook and the other streams in Newton from their sources to the Charles River. Continuing a long tradition of landscape imagery, they are also portraits as one would make a portrait of a person. The goal is to bring these waterways to life and place them in context as part of an urban landscape, underscoring the power of water to refresh the spirit."


Artist-provided biography: Alex Griswold is a Newton-based documentary film and video producer who was first captivated by making photographs at the age of 16. This is his first project returning to his roots as a still photographer after four decades working with moving images.


Contact Alex at: info@alexgriswold.com


Christiane Corcelle has entitled her show "Chapters in Color." In describing the exhibit, Christiane provides the following in her own words: "Christiane Corcelle has always loved making things with her hands. Her educational journey led her to study Landscape Architecture, a field that further deepened her artistic passion. For many years she immersed herself in printmaking. During the Covid pandemic, she took various art classes online to stay connected with both art and a community of fellow enthusiasts. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for mixed media painting. The spontaneity of the medium resonated with her. Her process is intuitive and spontaneous. She paints, collages, de-collages, scrapes, sands, and adds more paint. She builds many layers by repeating the addition and subtraction process, giving the work a sense of depth and history."


Artist-provided biography: Corcelle works from her studio at the Umbrella Art Center in Concord, MA, surrounded by a lively artistic community. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally and can be found in both private and public collections.


Contact Christiane at ccorcelle@gmail.com

Tuesday, June 11, 2024
7:00pm - 8:00pm
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  Art Opening  

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Alison Kemp